Girl. 16. Sweden. Um, yeah this blog is kind of like my diary. I'll only use it when I've had a bad day. I've a another blog, but people I know follow that one, and they can't know how I feel.

So this thing fell down from window at school today and it fell right next to me. (It first fell down at the other side, a teacher was hit on her arm or something and was crying). If I was hit in the head i could have died or been seriously hurt if I only sat a few centimeters to my right. The awful thing is that I in way wanted it to hit me, so I wouldn’t need to live and hate myself. I HATE MYSELF INCREDIBLE MUCH. Even writing this makes me detest myself. Sorry for shitty English I don’t feel like caring about spelling.

February 19th, 2013 @ 8:49pm | Tags: Personal hate myslef hate diary | 1 note